Vanuatu - Pacific's Premier Offshore Finance Center

  • No personal or corporate income taxes
  • No estate or death duties
  • No capital gains taxes
  • No exchange controls
  • No withholding taxes
  • No tax treaties
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European Bank

Vanuatu’s leading, fully licensed, private bank for over 40 years.

European Trust Company

Vanuatu’s oldest and largest capitalized trust company. Originally owned by five leading world banks.

Fidelity Communications Corp

An optic fiber cable investor and lessor of bandwidth to the telecommunications industry.


Vanuatu’s leading trust company for over 40 years. Originally owned by seven major world financial institutions

Pacific Capital Growth Funds

A Canadian mutual fund group with subfunds in most major currencies.

Fidelity Pacific Life Insurance Company

A life insurance company constituted in Canada by its own act of parliament. Fidelity Pacific offers unique advantages to pollicyholders world wide.

Vanuatu Maritime Services

Vanuatu Maritime Services is the Vanuatu government’s international shipping registry administrator, responsible for over 700 vessels around the world, from its New York offices. The registry has the world’s leading position in the flagging of floating oil drilling rigs and rig support vessels.