About Vanuatu

Tourism in Vanuatu
Vanuatu is a land of contrasts, where the 21st Century melds with the 19th Century. We are known as the Isles of Contrast and the Paradise Islands. Both are true. Located in the South Pacific, Vanuatu has a sub-tropical climate and an easy lifestyle – tourism plays an important part in the local economy.

You can stay in modern Port Vila at the Worwick, Raddison, Holiday Inn, or other western hotels. Alternatively you can travel to the outer islands to visit the active volcanoes, or the world famous Pentecost land divers (the origin of Bungee jumping).

The National Tourism Office of Vanuatu has much more information on our beautiful country. Take the time for a look at their web site, at www.vanuatutourism.com

Business in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is off share financial center. As such, there are no income taxes, withholding taxes, capital gains taxes, gift, death, estate or succession duties applying to companies, trusts or individuals. There are also no tax treaties with other countries however there are now a dozen Tax Information Exchange Agreements with foreign governments. Under the Vanuatu International Companies Act companies have a 20-year guarantee against taxes, duties and exchange controls.

Vanuatu has a very well developed Offshore Finance Center, which has been operating since 1971. Vanuatu is in a uniquely advantageous time zone for the location of a Financial Center. The standard business day commences at 7:30 a.m. in the capital and financial center, Port Vila. This allows a thirty minute overlap with New York so that the New York closing markets are known and available to Port Vila early in the working day. In addition, Vila office hours are three hours ahead of Hong Kong & Singapore. Thus, Vanuatu fills an important time position between world markets. Financial Transactions, which may be negotiated in Singapore or Hong Kong during the day can be domiciled in Vanuatu in real time. Port Vila remains open until London and the European markets open, thus completing the time bridge from New York to London.

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