Private Banking Services

Our clients are primarily high net worth individuals and companies with deposit amounts, determined on a case-by-case basis. The bank provides the following services which are available in many major currencies:

Call Accounts. These are interest bearing foreign currency call deposit accounts, which are available on 24 hours notice. Interest is accrued on a daily basis and paid to the account quarterly.

Current Accounts. We offer foreign currency current accounts, which attract minimum monthly account maintenance fees. Funds are available on demand.

Fiduciary Deposits. We also take deposits in a fiduciary capacity. This means we enter the interbank market in our name but the funds are beneficially yours and not ours. The deposit with us is “off balance sheet”. That means that creditors of the bank may not make a claim against your deposit. It also means that we are not acting as principal and take no ‘spread’. Instead we charge a fee for acting on your behalf and using our name in the interbank market to obtain a better rate than you could on your own.

Investment Portfolios. We manage investment portfolios, which we can do through one or more of the Pacific Capital Growth Funds or a full investment management service is available. This includes bonds, stocks, mutual funds and deposits.