Terms & Conditions


  • The account(s) shall be operated on a credit basis only (unless overdraft facilities have been established by prior arrangement with the Bank).
  • If, in the normal course of business, the account(s) become(s) overdrawn, overdraft interest will be levied at market rates
  • Account maintenance fees are charged to accounts on a quarterly basis.
  • No minimum balance is required and interest is not payable on current account credit balances.
  • Interest is paid on call accounts with balances over 5,000.00.


  • Account statements are sent monthly by Airmail unless more frequent statements (daily, weekly or fortnight) are requested.  Account statements are also available by facsimile but are subject to a nominal charge.
  • Individual advice of credit/debits to account are not produced, however receiving and paying reference details are quoted on statements.


  • The bank must receive payment messages no later than 1430 hours Vanuatu Time on a bank business day in Vanuatu.  All transactions in currencies other than Vatu will be for value two business days hence, except in the case of transfers between clients accounts within the Bank for which same day value will be given.
  • Payment messages received after the above cut off time will be processed the next business day.
  • For timely and proper account crediting, the full currency clearing account number must be quoted on all payment request messages.