Vanuatu International Company

Vanuatu International Company Fee Schedule

US Dollars
European Trust Incorporation fee (covering):
Non-recurring items:
Pre-incorporation correspondence
First Directors’ Meeting
Common Seal
Statutory Registers
Annual Government Registration Fee
Recurring Annual Services (payable before incorporation and each anniversary thereafter):
- Provision of Registered Office and Registered Agent
- Provision of each Nominee Shareholder
- Provision of Company Secretary
- Provision of each Director and/or Alternate Director (Note 1)
- Compiling and Lodging of all Statutory Returns (Note 2)
- Holding and Minuting of Directors’ Meeting to accept Annual Accounts (Note 2)
- Giving Notice to all Shareholders of the Annual General Meeting (Note 2)
- Holding and Minuting of Annual General Meeting (Note 2)
Maintenance of:
Register of Allotments
Register of Charges
Register of Directors
Register of Transfers
Register of Directors’ Shareholding
Register of Members
Register of Secretaries
Register of Substantial Shareholders
(Note 2)
Payment Bond (payable on incorporation


  1. If European Trust provides, Co must prepare annual accounts for presenting to annual directors’ meeting.
  2. European Trust will prepare at no charge if European Trust is providing directors and shareholders.
  3. Charges not relating to the above services are charged on a time spent basis.
  4. International Companies are not allowed to do business within Vanuatu.
  5. International Companies are not required to be audited.

* Payable only if continuing services other than Registered Office and Registered Agent are taken.


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