International Share Broking Service

ShareInvest has been involved in buying and selling shares over many years for group clients and is a Licensed Securities Dealer in Vanuatu. ShareInvest can now make this sharebroking service available to you, on an execution only basis, with the following benefits :-

  • Your share purchases will be held to your order in our Offshore Nominee account. This means that they will be beyond the scrutiny of prying eyes but still under your exclusive control.
  • Our arrangements are already in place to enable you to make purchases on most of the world’s major markets.
  • As an example of our brokerage charges we quote our Australian rate which is 0.95% of each transaction with a minimum of A$50.00. Before placing an order to purchase, funds must be in either our Trust Account, or a cash management fund to which we have access.
  • To ensure your cash continues to grow while waiting to be invested, we have access to cash management funds in a range of currencies, many of which have been international award winners. Ask us for details of Pacific Capital Growth Funds Limited.
  • We will not bombard you with information on which stocks to buy & sell in order to drum up business but we are available for your specific inquiries. We are able to access a range of information on stocks worldwide from our terminals for your benefit as requested by you.
  • Our service includes the buying and selling of bonds on most of the world’s international markets. Our charge for this service depends upon individual circumstances but will be seen as being keenly priced.

To obtain account-opening forms, a copy of the registered prospectus for the cash management funds, or any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

International Investment Advisors

We have been advising group clients on their investments for many years without actually specialising in this area. Now that ShareInvest has been set up with the resources to specialise in this field we have been able to expand the range of investments available to our clients. By combining the expanded range of products with individual portfolio design to meet each client’s specific needs, we have been able to add value to our clients’ overall portfolio. We have access to the following areas of investment :-

  • A wide range of the world’s leading Fund manager products particularly “Offshore” mutual funds.
  • Direct investment in bonds traded on most of the world’s major markets (giving emphasis on tax advantaged investments).
  • Direct investment in equities on most of the world’s markets (and held in our own nominee accounts to preserve confidentiality), provided our client tells us which to buy (we do not ourselves give advice on individual stocks and we are not interested in churning).
  • From both Australia and New Zealand we sometimes can offer more specialist investments in products which may not be available to the general public. Examples of these have been a property trust with government tenants paying the rent, a bond issue to Hilton International Hotels, and a long term plantation forestry investment.
  • Award-winning cash management trusts in a range of currencies where taxation is not an issue.

Individual portfolio design incorporates most of the features adopted in other jurisdictions around the world but adds the tax advantaged and confidentiality aspects. Contact us for specific details.

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Operated by European Trust Company Limited under the registered trade name of ShareInvest
Licensed Securities Dealer and Investment Adviser
Operating locally and internationally


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