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European Trust Company Limited is the oldest and highest capitalized trust company in Vanuatu. One of the core services we provide is providing company incorporation and management services, at which we have excelled for over 40 years. We also offer a complete range of other post incorporation financial services. If you decide to incorporate a company (be it an international company, insurance company, bank, trust, or local company) we can also help with the administration of the company once it is incorporated.

There are separate fee schedules for each of the following activities:

* International Company
* Trading & Holding Companies
* Licensed Banks or Insurance Companies
* Ship Owning Companies
* Trusts
* Executor or Administrator Services
* Nominee Accounts

Print and complete our incorporation request forms, fax or scan or email them with the appropriate payment. As soon as we receive cleared funds we will commence our due diligence procedures and if no issues, we will proceed with the incorporation of your company. Companies seeking licenses as banks or insurance companies must complete separate applications for these purposes – available on request – such applications must be approved by the Government, and this can take several months for the Reserve Bank to complete its due diligence. Our address and contact are :

European ‘Trust Company Limited,
1st Floor International Bld.,
Kumul Highway,
Port Vila, VANUATU
Fax: (678) 23405.

Other Services

Investment Management
Client accounts which have investments managed by European Trust Co. Ltd. exceeding US$1,000,000 may negotiate a percentage management fee, in lieu of Accountancy, Administration and Standard Management Fees. If European Trust Co. Ltd. manages interest bearing deposits, a management fee of 0.75% per annum is payable on rollover. If clients’ funds are invested in one or more Pacific Capital Growth Funds this fee is waived. Pacific Capital Growth Funds Limited No-load cash management funds are available in major currencies – click on “PCGF” for further information.

International Share broking Service
Through trading arm ShareInvest, clients may have investment holdings held offshore and bought/sold as directed.

Loan Facilities
European Trust Co. Ltd. may be able to facilitate international lending facilities for clients. An establishment fee is payable in advance calculated on a time basis commensurate with work and responsibility involved, but normally not less that US$1,000. Terms and conditions are available.

Euro market Investments
Eurocurrency debentures, bonds and notes are physically held by international brokers at a cost in addition to European Trust Co. Ltd.’s fees.

Precious metals
Clients wishing to include gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals in their investment portfolio may do so via European Trust Co. Ltd.’s metals claim accounts.

Financial Counseling 
European Trust Co. Ltd provides multi-discipline professional staff to advise on international financial planning including types of structures best suited for a client’s individual needs, taxation guidance and estate planning. Charges are on a time basis commensurate with the nature of the work performed.

General Services
* Superannuation & retirement fund administration
* Share registry and custodian services
* Invoicing and commercial documentation
* Collection of periodical payments including rentals, mortgage installments, interest, dividend payments etc.
* Agent or attorney service
* Maintenance of account records
* Preparation of financial statements


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